Tech Guild

One of the largest and most productive of the Guilds, the Tech Guild encompasses many different professions, from mechanical and engineering to communications, medicine, and infrastructure.

A high degree of intelligence characterizes the Guild membership, and some will even exhibit an intuitive understanding of technology.

While the Guild’s official stance is to advance human society as a whole, there are some who whisper that technology can be twisted to control and mislead the populace.

Motto: Scientia Vincere Tenebras – Science Defeats the Darkness – invoking more than mere Science, this motto refers to the deeper sum of human knowledge deployed in the cause of defeating ignorance.

Symbolism: The hexagonal shape of the shield invokes the ancient study of geometry and mathematics, while the green center represents the very beginnings of technology on Earth-That-Was, from the prehistoric use of simple tools to the birth of computers. The five colored dots each represent one of the five systems within the ‘Verse.

Chinese: Jìshù Gōnghuì – “Technology Guild”

Location: Ariel – White Sun. A shining example of the extremely civilized Central planets, Ariel boasts one of the highest concentrations of technological innovation and scientific knowledge in the ‘Verse.